Real-time Sales Dashboard A Customisable visual reporting tool that allows you to see a wide variety of critical business information in real time as graphs and charts that change as the day progresses. Whether you want to know how much Cash is in the drawer of a particular till, site or organisation. Sales, Financial, Staff performance or Stock Control information are all available. Once the dashboard has been configured to your requirements you have this information at your finger-tips whenever you wish.
Automated Reports The software comes with a suite of dozens of standard reports that can be set up to print, email or simply store themselves. These reports can be automated to run hourly. daily, weekly, monthly or at any interval you specify. Total Control can run these reports for you over night and print them out so all the data you need is sitting waiting for you when you come into work in the morning. It can email the financial reports automatically to the accountants and managers at any time specified to ensure the right people have the business information they require. The automated reporting process ensures you get the same information every time while it frees up staff to focus on more productive work.
Stock Control Total Control Premier can manage the entire product life cycle of an item and provide a complete audit at store level, group level down to the individual item. It seamlessly handles Orders, Deliveries & Invoicing plus Wastages, Returns and Transfers between sites. Whether you want a simple overview or a fully auditable stock process Total Control Premier is flexible enough to meet your requirements.

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